terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

A circus girl

Sherry is hosting the challenge this week at Collage Obssession which is Alter egos. I couldn't resist and placed myself as a Circus Girl, as you can see on the detail bellow.

On top right a Graphics Fairy freebie; everything else but the girl are my photos of a cafeteria decór; circus girl were googled. Original bellow:

segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2011

Children just wanna have fun

Have fun... Why not?

Hi, guys! This is my contribution to Take a Word theme of the week: CHILDHOOD. That's me in my imaginary place.

Background was googled. All the elements are cutouts from cloths sold in Peach Pear Plum.

quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2011

My fake sweet home

Hi! That's my zetti version in front of my mushroom home and beautiful garden! My faux sweet home is my contribution to the Three Muses challenge: home sweet home.

Garden is a free wallpaper; mushroom house is a freebie by Paper Craft Planet which I painted; Chris Zetti body by Crowabout; overlays are papers by WaterLO Project.

domingo, 9 de outubro de 2011

Just a blackbird by company (and a few ghosts)

Poor Laura! Things started to go wrong when she adopted a crow as a pet, then she was hearing voices. By this time, people of the village have already brought back stories about a curse. Long story short, as she kept seeing ghosts everywhere, they locked her up in the North Tower. But, hey, she's not going to get any better this way, is she?

Hi, guys! Getting in the spirit of Halloween, I'm offering this slightly creepy Digital collage to Take a Word which theme this week is BLACKBIRD.

Background is a photo I took in Santiago de Cuba, Laura is a Ziegfeld Girl (Dr Macro); crow by peroni68 (dA), Overlays by poisomgirl815 and darkrose42 stock (dA).

terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

Devil in the Bottle

Hey, you! The little one has escaped! And it's growing really fast!

Brazilian folklore has this legend about a devil in a bottle. It seems to be a Portuguese heritage and it has nothing to do with alcoholism as in the songs of Lynyrd Skynyrd or TG Sheppard. Instead it is a small imp or demon kept in a bottle that can grant to its owner power and money. It has similarities to Robert Louis Stevenson's tale "The Bottle Imp".

To whom that is interested in owning a devil in the bottle, the recommendation is, first of all, celebrate a demonic pact. Then one will have to get the egg from which will emerge an about 15 cm imp. In some regions people say that it’s a chicken egg fertilized by Lucifer. Others believe that it's a rooster (?) egg.

Believers have to seek it during the Lent. After finding the egg the owner will carry it under his left arm and take it on the first following Friday before midnight at a crossroads, and wait there for the next day. In the early hours of Saturday, he will return home, keep the egg in a safe place and take a deserved rest. Forty days later, a devil will be born, it should be immediately locked up in a clear glass bottle tightly closed, to avoid any unforeseen nasty event. Hereafter, over the years, the devil will enrich its owner, and after his death, will take his soul to where nobody knows... but can imagine.

By the way, this is my entry for this week Three Muses challenge: BOTTLE.

Little devils (slightly altered) by Marcus Hedlock (chubby) and Isac Vitor Medeiros (one-horned); skinny one from a free wallpaper;

segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011

Art on the Wall

Hello! This is my contribution for Take a Word wich theme this week is WALL.

The wall is one of my own photos, silhouettes are from Dover. Font is Apocalypse Deluxe.

I did this back in June for Digitalmania. We had to do something a la Banksy. I think it fits to this challenge too, so here it is!