segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2015

Little chocolate lover

This week Take a Word challenge is to bring out our best china - tea cups and saucers, coffee cups or mugs, plates, bowls, etc. Jamie, for example came inside her 2nd favorite cup, 'cause mummy think her favorite one, the chocolate cupcake, is not OK in her age.

Baby: Jamie Miller.

quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2015

Life begins at the end of my coffee cup

This  week the challenge at The Three Muses is QUIRKY ME. Here it is my attempt. 

I'm not really a good company early in the morning, don't ask me to take decisions, laugh at silly jokes or sing. Not before 10 AM. After that and a good cup of coffee I can start thinking... and smiling!

Background and texture: Studio Manu; Doll's body: Crowabout Studio.

domingo, 8 de novembro de 2015

Angel of the castle

This week at Take a Word the theme is WINGS. I went for a classic approach: angels.

Background is a photo of mine edited; wings by Sylwia77; texture by Kim Klassen; 

segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2015

Happy day

This week at Take a Word the challenge theme is BALLOONS. I've chosen an old photo of my brother and me to begin with. I cut out the photo and sent the two of us to a beautiful beach, got some huge balloons and the smile was guaranteed.

Background is a photo of mine; texture: Elné.