terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2014


The theme in The Three Muses is TAKE FRIGHT and this is my interpretation. My twisted mind always have fun with this theme.

Background: thefairygoodmother; texture: Shadowhouse Creations; ghost on the wall: Kia Kotsani; girl on the back: Falln Stock; girl on the front: from the poster of Brazilian movie "The famous and the dead"; skull: uncredited - from a local online newspaper.

segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014

Vintage Roses

Hi! After a vacation, some health and family issues, I'm back (I guess...).

Take a Word asked for VINTAGE and vintage reminds me of those beautiful old-times girls  immortalized in photography.

Background: Lilac'n'Lavender (altered); textures: Kim Klassen and Shadowhouse Creations; girls: e-Vint.