sábado, 30 de outubro de 2010

Día de Los Muertos

I did this to attend the Sunday Postcard Art and Soartful Challenge as well.

It's also a tribute to José Guadalupe Posada (1852–1913), a Mexican cartoonist illustrator and artist. All the skeletons are his (I fancy them up a little bit). In spite of his work being nowadays associated to the day of the dead, it was meant to make a satirical point.

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead (el Día de Los Muertos), November 2nd, is a celebrating day. They not only homage their departed relatives making private altars and praying, but invite them to a special banquet. Fortunately, the living ones are invited too.

In Brazil, the Dia de Finados is a national holiday too, but, in general, we only go to the cemetery taking flowers to our friends and family members who have died. We also go to the church. However, most of us just enjoy the holiday and go to the beach.

The background is a Don Maples photo (Goldfield Ghost Town). There's a texture too, I've got on Deviant Art.

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  1. A wonderful, funny postcard, Christine (and thanks for the explanations of the various celebrations).

  2. This is wonderful Christine. They just partied themselves to death. Thanks for being Soartful this week.

  3. Christine ~ I love your skeleton party...what a sense of humor...and this is an awesome collage.

  4. Incredible, I really love all that details and the words and colors! Well done(O:

  5. If I see a skeleton start dancing, I'm running! I didn't know Brazil celebrated a similar holiday. I'm glad you don't invite the dead to a banquet in Brazil! :o) Wonderful postcard!


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