domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011


Beatrice is upset because her brother, Tom, refused to ask for directions and now they are irrevocably lost in the middle of nowhere.

Hi, blogfriends! This is my entry for this week theme at Take a Word: butterflies, of course!

Let me tell you why I've not been around much lately: I took some days off and went on a little trip. Before that I was struggling with lots of work in a post graduation course I'm attending.

Additionally, I've been kind of paralysed by the terrible tragedy that is going on in Brazil caused by rain. Death toll rise to 630 and thousands of people are now homeless.

Butterflies: free samples of "A Flight of Butterflies" Dover book.
Butterfly-girl: Shirley Temple.
Butterfly-boy: Mark Lester.
Wings: Imagens para Decoupage
Background and Textures: sorry, no idea!

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  1. Beautiful, Christine, imagine being surrounded by so many gorgeous butterflies! My heart goes to to those so severely affected by the floods in Brazil, Australia and other parts of the world. To watch the force of water take away peoples homes and possessions, and in some cases their lives - devastating!

  2. It is great to have you back, Christine...I have missed your beautiful work. this piece is exquisit!
    We are also realing from flooding here in Australia, no where near as many lives lost, but too many in any sense of the word. Nearly all of Australia has flood warnigs out and we are one of the dryest continents on earth.
    Take care my friend, we all mourn with you and for our fellow man.

  3. So many wonderful butterflies Christine...that actually happened to me once I was surrounded by hundreds of butterflies as I walked down the street...your picture makes me smile and remember...excellent job!!

  4. Beautiful, love all these colourful butterflies.

  5. Christine, I love the contrast of the colourful wings against the monochrome background.
    All those affected by the floods are in my thoughts.

  6. What a wonderful piece, it has such a happy mood!

  7. A gorgeous piece! Love the grumpy Shirley Temple!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone in the Brazil and Australian floods. Hugs xx

  8. A fabulous art creation !!
    Bravo j'adore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Christine, I have been thinking about you and hoping you were OK in the midst of the tragedy in your corner of the world. I am glad to see you are OK and I'm loving this gorgeous butterfly creation for Take a Word.

    Good luck for your post grad course too.

  10. Hi Christine, first of all, I am sure all your blogger friends are thinking of you and all the people who may be affected by the destructive floods in Brazil. The La Nina weather patterns in the Pacific are obviously affecting a huge area with floods on both sides. I live far away on the west coast of Australia and we are having a very different problem - very hot and very dry with wildfires here and there. The floods are affecting the eastern states - and over enormous areas.
    People who speak English as a first language are lazy and they expect everyone else to converse in English. I am always amazed to see the writings of people like you who have such an easy and highly skilled grasp of English. I admire you greatly!!
    Your butterfly picture is exquisite - beautifully designed and so cheerful and colorful. I am sure you are not feeling very cheerful at the moment. I will be thinking of you, Christine.

  11. I love your collage. A fantastic imagination! I am so sorry about the people dying. I didn't know the number had risen so high. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May you be safe!


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