terça-feira, 2 de agosto de 2011

Clumsy angel

If only I could play...

Hi, folks! I’m back! I was on vacation, then I had this project on deadline… Well, now I can do a little of this a little of that (those useless stuff I love…).

This is my collage for this week challenge on Three Muses: Angelic.

My angel has wings, they aren’t on the photo - which I took in Cuba - but they are there! The soccer game bellow him is a Portinari’s painting with some Portinari’s add-ons.

Cândido Portinari Torquato (1903 - 1962) is one of the most prestigious Brazilian painter. He was a prolific artist, unfortunately he left us early poisoned by the paints that made him famous.

Texture by Struckdumb. Foot cast was googled.

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  1. First...WELCOME BACK and I hope you've had marvelous vacation Christine !!
    This is such a inspiring composition of your design ! Really intriguing and it seems if your angel has a VIP place while watching the soccer game !
    Fantastic !!
    Thanks for the info about Portinari too, have to check it out later.

  2. I can SO identify with your clumsy angel. As a child, I never could seem to master jumping rope! Welcome back from your vacation.

  3. Hi Christine, welcome back to Blogland!! We have missed you but it is good to know you had such a great time on your vacation to Cuba. (Your Take a Word challenge was a great success!).
    I love your clumsy angels (especially the footcast). Beautiful artwork as always.

  4. So glad you're back I missed your smiling face Chris...I love your clumsey angel he is adorable!!!

  5. Welcome back, great image, especially the football players.

  6. Touch of surrealism here, Christine, wonderful take on 'angelic' theme!
    Hope you had a marvellous holiday, welcome back!

  7. great idea with the foot cast! love your post!

  8. Wow what a wonderful take on the challenge !!
    I love what you have done the angel is gorgeous xx

  9. Hi Christine, so glad to have you back, you have been missed. I would soooo love to go to Cuba .. and, of course, you never know, I might get there one day.

    Your clumsy angel is a hoot. Love it.

  10. Welcome back, Christine! Very clever clumsy angel!

  11. P.S. Thanks for introducing me to Portinari and his work!

  12. What a way to go! At least we don't have to worry about getting poisoned by creating digital art. Of course, I imagine our computers could electrocute us or something. Oh my. Love your angel picture! How sad to be left out!

  13. Can't play but watching over those who do. I have to google the artist you mention.


  14. Neat idea and so cute! I never heard of that painter...poor guy!
    Hope you get to keep playing with all your stuff! :)

  15. Beautiful! I love the use of the art piece in your image.


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