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Dressing in Art

Vestindo-se com arte

The Three Muses asked for SOMETHING SEPIA and this was what my muse asked for.

When I was looking for a vintage photo in my stash, I found this one which I like very much because of his attitude confident and at the same time relaxed. Moreover, his short and wide tie always seemed bizarre to me. I found out that before the Second World War ties were worn shorter than they are today due, in part, to men wearing trousers at the natural waist (more or less at the level of the belly button), and also due to the popularity of vests, where tie length is not important as long as the tips are concealed.

I guess this particular photo was taken in the first decade of the 20th century. Our model is the painter Karl Anderson.

The photo was originally B&W. I painted and altered it. Quote by Harry Anderson; Textures by Princess of Shadows and Somadjinn (both on DeviantArt); Font: MT Gloucester Extra Condensed.

As três musas pediram algo SÉPIA e isso foi o que a minha musa pediu.

Quando eu estava procurando uma foto vintage em meu estoque, eu encontrei esta que eu gosto muito por causa da atitude confiante e ao mesmo tempo descontraída do fotografado. Além disso, a gravata curta e larga sempre me pareceu estranha. Eu descobri que antes da Segunda Guerra Mundial as gravatas eram usadas ​​mais curtas do que hoje, devido, em parte, ao fato de os homens vestirem calças na cintura natural (mais ou menos na altura do umbigo), e também devido à popularidade dos coletes, fazendo o comprimento da gravata não ser importante já que sua ponta fica escondida.

Eu acho que essa foto foi tirada na primeira década do século 20. Nosso modelo é o pintor Karl Anderson.

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  1. Hi Christine,
    What a great take on the Sepia Challenge.
    I really like all the information you added as well.

  2. I don't know why men want to dress in art most of them couldn't pick a decent tie if their life depended on it. As you said this tie looks very strange this is a great picture and a very interesting post it made me smile...great job Christine!

  3. He's a great specimen for a sepia photo, Christine, wonderful take on the theme!

  4. Hmmm the tie is definitely odd, but you have done a great take on the theme here. Thank you for the information about ties, I wasnt aware of any of that!

  5. I'm old enough to remember when men wore ties at that length!! Great piece my dear! xx

  6. Hahaha! Very funny and odd pic dear Christine!
    A treasure! :)
    I'm happy that men don't wear this kind of trousers and tie anymore!
    Well done!

  7. His tie does seem a tad short, but by the look on his face I think he feels quite dapper. Love it.

  8. Poor men--they don't get to wear much colour or pattern, do they?! I love what you did here, Christine. Great colours.xx

  9. HA! The first thing I noticed was his tie!! You did a great job of colorizing this photo, Christine. Beautiful work!

  10. Great idea! I just hope that men have fun with something more than just ties...!

  11. Hi Christine
    Wonderful work, great colorus
    Pozdrawiam z Polski :)


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