quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2014

Sweet Lolita

Hi! The Three Muses asked for FASHION and it has occurred to me that this was a good opportunity to portrait this trend among teens and also young women called kawaii (the word also applies to everything cute in Japanese culture). It is also known as Lolita fashion. According to Wikipedia, Lolita fashion is based on Victorian fashion and the Rococo period. Girls who dress in Lolita fashion are not going for the "sexy" look, but instead try to look cute, innocent, and beautiful. This look is achieved with lace, ribbons, bows, ruffles, bloomers, aprons, and ruffled petticoats. Parasols, chunky Mary Jane heels, and Bo Peep collars are also very popular. There is also the Sweet Lolita that includes even more embellishments and is often in pastels and other light colors.

Background by Caotiicah02 (altered); texture by Shadowhouse Creations (altered).

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  1. I haven't seen any young ladies in my world opting for this style, Chris....in fact can't imagine them out of their jeans and looking all feminine and frilly!! Thanks for sharing this fashion trend I'd otherwise heard nothing about. You helped keep this old lady current!!

  2. This is just heavenly Chris what a beautiful little darling and dressed to the nines...well done my friend.

  3. I love Kawaii style! Not that I'd wear it, of course, but it always looks like they are having fun wearing those crazy clothes.

  4. They just look like sweet little girls. i didn't know about this fashion style! We learn something new every day.
    A magical piece Chris! cxx


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