domingo, 11 de maio de 2014


In this weather, in this gale, in this windy storm,
they rest as if in their mother's house:
frightened by no storm,
sheltered by the Hand of God.

Take a Word asked for CHILDHOOD and my twisted mind made ​​me wonder that losing a child is the most unbearable pain. It seems that in some way these children remain as kids forever, trapped in an eternal childhood. Then I was taken to Kindertotenlieder (Songs on the Death of Children) composed by Gustav Mahler. The words of the songs are poems by Friedrich Rückert. The original Kindertotenlieder were a group of 428 poems written by Rückert in reaction to the illness and death of two of his children. Mahler selected five of Rückert's poems. It's very beautiful. You can listen to it here.

Background is a photo of mine; texture by Shadowhouse Creations; kids by Hidden Vintage.

12 comentários:

  1. WOW what a powerful message and image.

  2. Coisa mais linda Chris!Super beijo!

  3. I adore these lovely little ghosts this is awesome Christine.
    I couldn't wait to leave childhood behind but I was smart
    enough to hang on to my imagination.

  4. This is pure magic, Christine, I love the ethereal quality of it! So well done!

  5. A very powerful piece, Christine, love how you have depicted childhood in this way!

  6. They really look frightened, but the beautiful poem confors my mind. Beautiful artwork, Chris.

  7. a very thoughtful post, christine! wonderful artwork! even the thought of losing a child gives me a shiver...

  8. Oh my, oh my, Chris. This is the most poignant and touching bit of art. It's just perfectly done and makes one think of every parent who's ever lost a child. Loud applause from my corner of the world!

  9. Ouf! That's so sad Chris...
    I'm listening to Mahler during writing to you...
    It's really beautiful, and Mahler is well named in these circumstances.
    (Mahler is quite the same as 'malheur' -misfortune- is french).
    You're artwork and thoughts are powerful.

  10. Fascinating collage! I can't imagine what it would be like to lose one of our children.

  11. So poignant and beautiful! The poem and music brings tears at the thought of losing a child! xx

  12. Wow, Chris, thank you for the reminder that sometimes there is sorrow in childhood or in losing a child. Very thought provoking and powerful.


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