quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2014

Grandpa's band

Only recently, when my uncle sent this photography to my father by e-mail, I found out that  my Grandpa was also a musician or at least played in a band. As the challenge this week in The Three Muses is Vintage Family I decided to pay him a tribute.

Background and elements (altered) by Studio Manu.

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  1. This tribute is gorgeous, Christine. The photo is a real treasure, I think.

  2. Hooo, Chris, this is awesome, what a splendid work you've done here!!
    As Sirkkis said, this photo is a treasure indeed; and the achievement of your pic is so well done.
    This one really deserves to be enlarged!
    I don't know what is this kind of trumpet, and why your uncle is the only one dressed in black?
    It was certainly a great big band, with this section of brass instruments?
    You've payed your uncle a wonderful tribute.

  3. What a treasure to know this about your Grandpa and then to have a picture too! Beautiful xx

  4. You have truly taken the photo and made it frameable in the most creative and beautiful way, Christine. It will be a family treasure for years to come, I'm sure. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. What a treasure, Chris. This is an amazing piece of family art, you have done your Grandpa proud.

  6. Fantastic collage. I love how you took the instrument outside the main picture

    Chrissie x

  7. Fab collage, what a great photo!


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