segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2017

Lord and Lady Pinanapple

This week at Take a Word the theme word is FRUIT and I decided to introduce you to Lord and Lady Pinanapple. They are a little bit eccentric but nobody cares as they are also absurdly rich!

Couple: Hidden Vintage; their new wardrobe is my courtesy.

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  1. Gorgeous work, Chris, but by her expression I'm not sure your lady likes her dress! Brilliant.

  2. I love the bright colors against the dark background. Nice work.

  3. This is wonderful so fun and beautiful too... love those outfits.

  4. love these colorful fashions. i'm sure they are going to turn a lot of heads. :)

  5. Hello Chris
    I am back. Oh how I have missed our group in seeing your pictures. I have a new laptop and so enjoying it. I put up a couple of pictures in my blog. To say to you all. I am back. Wow this is very colorful and creative indeed.


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