terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2012

Helter Skelter Paradise

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide
Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again
"Helter Skelter" 

I have to confess, for me Helter Skelter was a very noisy Beatles song that was misunderstood by maniac Charles Manson and his followers.
Only today when looking for interesting structures for The Three Muses challenge I found out  what it is! I was amazed, it's so beautiful. We don't have these slides in our parks, only the aquatic version (without the tower). Well, I don't know if it is appropriate for the theme (ARCHITECTURE), but it is man-made and you can go inside...

Texture bu Kim Klassen.

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  1. I love it when I learn something new !!!
    Thanks Christine. I don't think we have these in Holland either (at least I never saw it) but they sure look fun !

  2. I think these are architectural wonders, Chris. They are obviously based on lighthouses and they make wonderful slides. I have seen them in England but here in Australia slides are very ordinary. Great artwork and I loved reading about the connection between the Lennon and McCartney lyrics and the monster, Charles Manson. Why on earth would he connect "Helter Skelter" with his killing spree. He lives on unfortunately, as mad as ever.

  3. A fascinating approach to the challenge, Christine. I didn't know the connection either, so I learned something. This piece is colorful and interesting, and those slides look great fun!

  4. Excellent. That would be such a fun place to visit! Love it.

  5. Very colourful and fascinating, Christine, love your different take on architecture!

  6. Love those bright and cheerful helter skelters

  7. Wopnderful Christine! When I was a girl and the Fair came to town we had one of these towers and we always called it The Mat as we had a large mat to sit on as we slid down. Lovely memories. xx

  8. I adore your take on archi Christine!
    And I adore your unique and colorful collage!! :)

  9. What wonderful and unique buildings they made an awesome collage!

  10. I don't think this is that simple, Christine! And I Love the colours and the whimsy of it!


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