domingo, 22 de junho de 2014

Correio Elegante

This week the theme in Take a Word is MAIL ART. 

As I said here, we are celebrating the June Festivals in Brazil. During the festivity, one can buy a hand-made decorated card, write a romantic message and send it anonymously (or not). It used to be great fun for teenagers. Nowadays - with all those electronic gadgets - I don't know if it is still popular.

Thanks to Studio Manu; Createwings Designs and Lilac 'n' Lavender.

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  1. What a lovely romantic idea, Christine, very much like a Valentine, far nicer than a text message!! Beautiful mail art and thanks for sharing the information!

  2. Yes, this habit is better than e-message. Thanks for info and beautiful cards!

  3. A beautiful idea Christine. It isn't so glamorous just sending a text! xx

  4. Wonderful realization!Love the composition.
    Big hugs Anja

  5. Another great tradition that's fallen by the wayside since technology took over! This is beautiful art, Chris. I love the colors!!!

  6. Hooooo, so cool!
    What a superb habit!!
    This one is pure beauty is every way, and the colors are wonderful.
    Did you send one Chris? :)

  7. So pretty. I really love your colour choices!


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