domingo, 15 de junho de 2014

Feeling blue

Dream, when you're feeling blue

Dream, that's the thing to do
Johnnie Mercer

Take a Word asked for BLUE and immediately  it came to my mind the movie Blue Is The Warmest Color. I couldn't help but use the photo of Léa Seydoux impersonating Emma.

Background and elements: Studio Manu.

9 comentários:

  1. She portrays her feelings perfectly, Christine, lovely piece!

  2. even her hair is blue... i like that!

  3. I didn't see this movie, I'll do it! :)
    The pic you've done is very moving and soft, I love it.
    (Yes, my mermaid like shrimps, don't you? Hahaha! :)

  4. Beautifully illustrated blue mood. Like the window, too.

  5. This is sad but so beautiful! I think I need some blue hair.

  6. I love the grungy background, and the plaintive look on her face. Beautiful work, Chris!

  7. This is beautiful! I like her hair (it's the same colour as mine!)


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